It all starts with a painted rock. The Clarksville Kindness Rocks Project is about the art of spreading kindness and smiles throughout our community one rock at a time. The rocks you paint, share and hide spread joy to the people who find them-- little pieces of earth that inspire and bring joy, encouragement and smiles to the people who find them.

We invite everyone in our community of all ages to connect through the Clarksville Kindness Rocks Project.

Our goal is to create a kindness movement in the Clarksville- Montgomery County/Ft. Campbell community. Share your stories about the rocks you paint, share or find on the Clarksville Kindness Rocks Project Group page:

Together we can ROCK KINDNESS in our community. Once you paint your rocks you can place them anywhere in the community. But please be courteous of other people and business areas or properties. It is best to hide your kindness rocks outside, not inside stores or businesses.

To learn more about Clarksville Kindness Rocks call 615-504-0285 or email

To schedule a Clarksville Kindness Rocks event to help raise funds to support our community outreach programs call or email.